3 Simple Phases Of Fast Metabolism Diet Celebrities Love!

​If you cannot manage a tough routine to go to the gym or to perform weight loss exercise at home, the easy to follow and manage, fast metabolism diet plan, also known as the FMD diet plan could help you loads.

fast metabolism diet

We have heard from our childhood days that “no pain, no gain”, but when it’s about gaining weight, the formula turns opposite because the gain in weight becomes the most painful thing for you. And losing weight becomes the most difficult thing.

You could follow a number of schemes to say goodbye to those stubborn pounds. The three D’s for the weight loss are quite famous. You could pick one of the D and help yourself lose pounds. The three D’s are Drill, Diet and Doze.

There are a number of features that make this diet plan different from the rest of the diet plans, let us have a look at these features.

What is the Fast Metabolism Diet plan?

This extraordinary weight loss program was designed by none other than the Hollywood’s famous diet consultant Hailey Pomroy. Pomroy got famous for being the creator of this diet and her book based on this diet is one of the bestselling books in the world of literature regarding health and fitness.

Hollywood Celebrities’ most trusted weight loss program

The fast metabolism diet plan is not an ordinary diet plan as it is known to be followed by the most famous people from the Hollywood itself. It is due to the quick results and the effectiveness of this amazing diet plan that the superstars like Rachel Welch, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Lopez, L. L. Cool J and Cher. We love to follow the Hollywood stars in fashion, why not in the field of weight loss as well?

Not a temporary weight loss solution

Whenever we pick up a diet plan, the major question that strikes our mind is how long would it work? This is because there are so many diet plans known today that effectively help weight only as long as you are on the diet, once you stop, the whole lost weight is rapidly gained back. This keeps you at bay from picking a diet plan happily.

Here at Fat To Slim we feel pleased to announce that the FDM diet plan is the one that would not show any temporary results, rather you would be surprised to know the long lasting effect of this diet plan on weight loss.

Food Lover’s favourite diet plan

Food Lover's Diet

Eat more to lose more. Yes, you heard it right. Eating a lot could help increase the metabolism of your body. But is there any diet plan that would allow you to eat in order to lose weight? Sounds weird right? To those who cannot keep a control on their diet and still want to lose fat, this amazing diet plan is the most wonderful answer.

Unlike other diet plans that force you to stop eating and start starving yourself, the fast metabolism diet offers a big variety of food that you would love to eat, yet promises to help you lose weight fast, as the name implies.

How fast is the fast metabolism diet plan?

Now that you know that you could eat to your heart content in order to lose weight in this high metabolism diet plan, but the question may arise that how fast could you lose weight if you keep munching? Is this weight loss program actually fast like its name? Well, luckily the answer is positive in here as well.

If you strictly follow the rules of this diet plan, you could easily lose 20 pounds in the first month. Pomroy herself has told in her book how fast many of her clients lost weight with this diet plan. And seriously how many diet plans have you seen that have got a best seller book in their name?

So how does this diet plan actually work?

High Metabolism Diet

This amazing diet plan brings together the science and biology of your body. Once you know what metabolism is and how exactly could it help burn those extra fats, you could easily lose weight in just no time.

Let us first consider what metabolism is and how it works in relationship with the body to lose weight. Metabolism can simply be defined as the energy generation inside the body. Certain chemical processes take place that break up the food into energy and then deliver it to the body in order to sustain life. This energy acts as the fuel for the body and is stored in the body in form of fats, muscle, bone or blood.

Then what is a Fast Metabolism?

If you have a fast metabolism, your body would principally break down the food faster, would produce energy faster, would fuel you up quickly and would help you have a strong body and healthier life.

But it you have a slower metabolism, the body would keep a store of this energy and will not fuel you sufficiently, this storage of energy in the form of fat would make you fat and instead of having strong healthy muscles, you would be having flab. So you actually need to speed up your metabolism and thankfully this metabolic diet plan is the solution to your problem.

How to speed up the slow metabolism?

The fast metabolism diet plan helps you speed up your lousy metabolism by providing you with the right food at the right time and in the right amount. The theory behind this concept is that eating at the right time would help you convert the food into energy rather than keeping it stored in the form of fats.

Does the Fast Metabolism Diet plan work for everyone?

Since this diet plan is based on the intake of healthier foods, it’s good for every in the family. The healthy nutritious diet is the demand of each body, be it grandpa, pa or sonny. This diet plan has a lot of healthier things to offer to everyone.

When you will have more amount of energy, you could work efficiently and could have a healthier lifestyle. The exception however, remains, if you have some existing health trouble, you must consult your family physician before starting the plan in order to discuss its effects on your health.

When to start with this diet plan?

It’s never too late for an early start. You could start right away and right now. All you need is motivation and determination. We agree that initially the diet plan could look a little bit difficult to start with, but in just a matter of days you get used to it and start enjoying it. The best devotion tip to lose is to have a partner in the diet, the competition to stick to the diet and to have the best results in the end, helps you stay on track.

The three cyclic phases of the Fast metabolism diet plan

This diet plan has been split into three separate phases and you are asked to repeatedly follow the phases in a cyclic manner. Let’s have a close look at the three phases separately.

Fast Metabolism Diet Phase

Fast metabolism Diet Phase 1

The phase one includes Mondays and Tuesdays. Since the diet plan is starting in these two days, the focus in on the body to keep it out from the state of stress. The lesser the body is stressed; the higher would be the metabolic activity.

So all food you are going to take will be required to have a higher percentage of carbohydrates. You could happily add vegetables and fruits to the list. So the first phase is comparatively lighter and fresher.

Fast metabolism Diet Phase 2

Now that the body has relaxed in the past two days, it’s time to burn those stored fats. Phase two is stretched upon Wednesdays and Thursdays. Since the needs to get active and energetic to burn the fats, you would be asked to consume protein and vegetables at max. This would help the body burn not only the calories it is consuming but also those that it is keeping in storage.

Fast metabolism Diet Phase 3

This is the most favourite diet phase of the people on this diet since it’s loaded with food intake and allows the dieter to add the fats and oils to the list of the foods he took in phase one and two. This phase is the longest as well, based o Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. This way you could enjoy the weekend along with you being on a diet.

Doesn’t that look like a piece of cake in comparison to all those strict diet plans that forbid you from eating at all and sticking to a single and tasteless diet? There is a good number of reviews available by the people who have effectively lost a good number of pounds using this diet plan.

Could you exercise along the fast metabolism diet plan?

To rev up the weight loss process, you should do some serious workout as well. This would aid the body to get a higher metabolic rate, burn more and hence utilise the stored up fats quickly.

Fast metabolism diet results are even better with exercise
  • In the first phase of the diet, you are advised to follow some cardiovascular workout routine in order to burn more but remember to do it only once in the first phase as you are taking the carb rich food only.
  • On the second phase, you must build up some muscle. For this, you should focus on gaining strength and muscle. Use some heavy weights and slowly make the repetitions.
  • The exercises that Pomroy suggests for the third phase of this diet are quite unexpected. She suggests that you must perform some quite activities in this phase. Do some meditation or go for yoga but not any rigorous exercises are advised in this phase. No doubt the dieters love the last phase a lot.

How realistic are the fast metabolism diet results?

The best way to know as to how much there is truth in the results of the fast metabolism diet, the best way is to ask those who have actually accomplished something during this diet. In order to reach the realistic goals for the weight loss program, you have to stay consistent with this diet.

All those who have abided by the rules of this amazing diet have seen wonders. Unlike other diet plans, the fast metabolism diet plan does not require you to keep a count of calories and get stressed with each bite you take, hence keeps you relaxed and healthy.

How long to continue this diet?

It all depends on your will power and in your interest to lose weight that how long you can carry on with the diet. Ideally, you could follow the diet for one week. Give a rest for next week and continue in the next week again.

The best results are seen in the people who have followed this diet successfully for one month or four weeks. Then you could take a break for another week and restart. The purpose of the diet is to bring on the habit of healthy eating.

The final Note

So here we have given you all the details of this fast and effective weight loss program. All you have to do is to stick to the rules. It’s for your own good and consistency is the key. To spice up the idea of weight loss in this diet, you could browse for the millions of weight loss recipes on the internet.

Each day try something new but staying within the limits of the diet plan. This won’t let you get bored of the diet plan and would help you enjoy as well. Mixing the diet plan with the effective fat burning exercises could speed up the weight loss process and could bring in the long term changes in your body.

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