7 Best Lower Ab Workouts To Kick Off Unwanted Fat

We all know that gaining weight for most of us is a piece of cake, sometimes it's literally the piece of cake that goes enough for weight gain, on the other hand when it comes to weight loss we see no ray of light, its complete darkness. However, equiped with the right diet and effective exercises like lower ab workouts, you will be on the right path to your dream body.

lower ab workouts

Losing weight requires a lot of willpower and strength to get you back in shape. When you start your weight loss journey, you must keep in mind that weight loss is not an easy job and you cannot get the required result just with a click of fingers. Plus losing weight on some targeted point seems like an impossible thing as well.

Same is the case with the lower ab. when you start a workout on daily basis and for the whole body, some parts of the body start getting toned in no time but the lower abs are a bit troublesome.

Exercises for the lower abdominal part quickly affect the outer layer but the inner hidden lower ab muscles get neglected in the whole scheme which makes weight loss in these parts a difficult job.

Therefore it is necessary for you to opt out the best lower ab workouts to get tighter and toned ab. Using the traditional methods to lose weight on the abdominal part, like cycling and crunches, do not help much in reducing that stubborn sticky lower abs fat. You need to focus primarily on the specific area.

lower ab workouts for women

According to a personal trainer and fitness expert Kira Strokes, it's all about the mind. She says that losing weight on the lower ab is basically a mind game; it requires the focus of brain and body both.

According to her, the lower ab is involved in all the abdominal exercises whether they are for the lower ab specifically or not.

This is because of the fact that the muscles reaching the hips go through your ab and since every exercise that involves the movement of legs, makes your hips move too, therefore with every move you are making your lower ab work.

Losing the fat from lower ab is not only difficult because of the fact that they are easily overlooked during exercises but also for the reason that most of the body stores its fat in this part which means that there is a lot of extra fat stored in this region.

There are some specific exercises for lower abs that directly target the ab and help you build a six pack of your dreams. We have tried to sort out the best exercises for the lower ab which are easy to practice and are promising enough to help you burn all that extra fat in just a matter of days.

Again you are advised to keep your mind alert while practicing these exercises because your muscles need to be connected to your mind in order to lose fat.

Top 07 Best Lower Ab Workouts

Let us have a look at these exercises one by one.

1. 90 Degrees Static Press To Tighten The Lower Ab

Starting with the simplest exercise, we will take you to the journey of fully toned lower ab. You can use this exercise as a warm-up starter for the whole workout routine for the lower ab or you could practice it alone and help burn some extra fat any time as it's graded as one of the best lower ab exercises.

How it works:

lie face up on the floor. Hold your legs high and place your hands on your thighs so that they make a 90 degrees angle. Keep your feet flexed and your head straight.

Now press your hands on your thighs and start getting up working hard from your ab. You will feel a lot of pressure on your abs while doing so and this will help in burning all those stored fats in this area.

​Hold on for around 5 seconds, count and then release. Repeat this step for 30 times in 3 sets.

​To make things a bit harder and to burn more calories, you can lift up your shoulders and head as well when you press your thighs to get up.

​Remember the most important thing, put your mind on your muscles and feel the lower ab work for it. This will prove to be one of the best workouts for the lower abs one you start doing it regularly.

2. Resisted Single Leg Stretch

This step is the continuation of the previous step with only the difference that you will provide resistance to your hands by stretching one leg.

This low ab workout will give a challenge to the abdominal muscles and they will, in turn, work hard and consequently, the body will burn more fats.

How to do it:

Lie on the floor, face lifted up and lift up your leg while pushing it with the back of your hands, this time you will interlace the fingers to give a rather harder push to the thigh.

Now you will stretch your other leg and pull your head and shoulders up, this will give a very thigh squeeze to your abdominal part and will thus burn more. Hold on for around three seconds and now shift the stretched leg.

Switch your hands as well and again repeat the same step with your head and shoulders held high. Follow the same switching of legs for about 20 times collectively for both the legs.

To make things harder in this step, you can challenge yourself by stretching both the leg up high at the same time and try scissoring with your legs. This will exert double the pressure on your legs and will help burn a lot more calories.

3. U-Boating

This exercise is a little lower ab workout routine to impart a big effect on your abdominal area.

How to do it:

sit up on the floor with your hips pressed to the mat, your feet pressed to the ground while keeping your knees bent.

Now lean back so that your back is in the lifted position and your weight is on your elbows bent.

Now keeping your back firm, lift up your feet, still in the previous position and make your legs move in such a way that the feet trace out the letter U.

Since your back is raised and legs are working, you will feel a significant pressure on your lower abdominal area that will definitely burn more fats and will help you lose weight.

Try making this U in both the directions one by one and keep repeating for thirty times collectively in both directions.

If you wish to harden up the things, try lifting your legs for the longer period of time so that your ab get to work more and in turn, you burn more calories.

Remember the rule, keep your mind on the muscles that are working and this will help you lose.

4. Frog Press

This is a very interesting kind of lower ab exercises that will boost your energy and mood both while you are doing your workout.

How it works:

As the name implies, this workout asks you to sit up like a frog. For this, you have to lie on your back while your knees will be lifted and your feet will be turned out so that you are in a position just like frogs.

Keep your heels pressed together and your hands lying on your sides. Now lift up yourself from shoulders and head and press the rib-cage coming towards your pressed heels.

This will give a lot of pressure to your lower abdominal area and will thus give a big challenge to your lower abs in order to lose some good weight.

As you will exhale, you will stretch your legs up high and will get relaxed. This will complete one whole move that you will be repeating around 20 times over.

The frog press exercise is quite challenging in its basic step. But if you are looking forward to bring more strain to your abs, you could try extending your legs in both directions in each step and burn out more calories.

This way you would be moving your legs like you pedal a bicycle, and the abs will work more.

5. Inching elbow plank

This particular exercise is known to be the most effective, yet most challenging workout in the lower ab workouts. With a good involvement of arms and shoulders, every inch of your abs will feel like sweating.

Inching elbow plank

How it works:

​you will begin the workout taking the basic plank position where you would be resting your elbows on the floor, facing the ground and keeping your feet apart, back would be held high and hands would be clasped together.

Now you are going to step. First pick your left foot, taking a quick step raising your hips and suddenly take the next step with your right foot. Keeping your hips high up, you will continue to step one after the other.

This will put a lot of pressure on your lower ab and also on your shoulders as they are supporting the whole body's weight.

Do these steps repeatedly for thirty times. In the end, you would be sweating hard and will feel a good stretch in the lower abdominal area.

To challenge yourself with a harder exercise, you can lift your hips even higher and take the longer steps inwards and quicker.

6. Criss Cross Leg Lifting and Shifting

This is an exercise that has proved very effective for the weight loss in the lower abdominal area and gives you a tighter and toned tummy.

This workout stands high in the list of lower ab workouts for women as the saggy tummy and heavy ab are the common problem of women, men comparatively face this problem lesser.

How it works:

lie down on your back, keeping your head steady on the ground. Stretch your legs out in front of you and keep your feet pointed.

Cross the legs and hold them high upwards, Arms lying by your side. Now inhale, tuck in the lower ab area and bring your legs lower to about 45 degrees.

Now when you get your legs back in position go a lot higher, crossing your head and taking your feet away from above the head. This will give a nice squeeze to your lower ab area and will involve all the abdominal muscles to burn up.

While you take your feet overhead, your back will get lifted from the ground and your arms will be supporting all your weight. count to one while you are up in the air and then bring your legs back to the initial position.

Repeat these steps for 30 times in order to get some fat burning in the lower abdominal area.

Instead of learning how to make this work out more challenging, you need to know that this workout is already a tough one. If it gets hard for you to lift your legs, which would definitely happen initially, then you must slowly and gradually lift your legs high. Once they get used to lifting, gradually increase the angle.

7. Reverse Plank Hover

Get ready to challenge your lower ab to one of the toughest workout routines ever. This will not only involve all your lower ab muscles but also every other muscle of the body.

How it works:

For this exercise, you are going to sit straight up, legs stretched out in front of you, feet flexed and heels settled on the ground, shoulders straight while your hands with the press the ground on your sides.

Now you will put all the pressure on your hands and slightly lift up your body so that your hips hover above the ground.

Now slightly bend the knees and then move your hips backward, stretching as much as your muscles can take you.

Now hold and count to one, then get back in position from where you had started. Repeat this step 30 times.

Since it’s already a very tough exercise, there is no need to challenge your body more.

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