Are Weight Loss Pills Safe? – Facts You Should Know About

Are Weight Loss Pills Safe?The question many people ask is: are weight loss pills safe?

This past decade saw a dramatic increase in the number of people looking to lose weight and getting a fitter body. This drastic change can be largely attributed to the heightened level of awareness about the ill effects of obesity and other relative weight problems. People who have been trying to shed off excess pounds but are unsuccessful often turn to weight loss pills in order to achieve their goals. However, many are still apprehensive about this type of product due to the less than positive rep over the years due to a number of ill effects brought about by certain brands of pills.

The nagging question that consumers ask is whether weight loss pills are really safe for use. In addition, first time users also would like to know whether this type of weight loss solution actually yield results. Below is an in-depth look at what weight loss pills are really about and their effects on people's health.

Are Weight Loss Pills Safe?

While there is no single best way to answer this query, it can be said that there are certainly a number of products in the market today that are guaranteed safe to use. The level of safety of pills and other weight loss aids depends mostly on the types of active ingredients used in manufacturing such products.

Product Safety and Active Ingredients

One of the ways manufacturers ensure that their products are safe for consumers is to use natural ingredients in formulating weight loss pills. Some of the most popular active ingredients used to formulate weight loss products include the following:

*Acai Berry – An exotic fruit from the Acai Palm, which grows predominantly in Central as well as South America, particularly Belize, Brazil, and most countries in between. This is often referred to as a miracle fruit due to its various health benefits apart from weight loss.

*African Mango – Also known as Irvingia Gabonensis, this fruit has become a worldwide phenomenon especially for people who are looking to lose weight quick, sans all the unpleasant side effects. African Mango is a very popular product that continues to sell in the health and wellness market.

*L-Carnitine – This ingredient is used not only to formulate weight loss pills but it is also used in making health drinks and fruit shakes. L-Carnitine is a substance that aids in converting fat to usable energy. The more of it a person consumes, the more fat he/she would burn off in a short span of time.

While natural ingredients are largely preferred these days, it does not necessary mean that pharmaceutical grade ingredients are not at all safe. On the contrary, since pharmaceutical products are highly regulated, manufacturers tend to practice stricter rules in terms of selecting ingredients in making weight loss pills. In addition, pharma-grade pills tend to be more effective as far as producing immediate and long term results, with the obvious exception of some natural-based products.

How to Determine Whether a Product is Safe or Not

Since the market today is flooded by numerous weight loss pills claiming to be the ultimate answer to obesity, it can be a tad challenging to decide which ones are actually safe to use. Here are some things that consumers can do in order to ensure their safety:

Read up Professional Reviews and Consumer Testimonials

Customer testimonials and reviewsDefective and/or dangerous products do not thrive very long in the market regardless of whether they are initially received well by consumers. Product reviews by health experts as well as customer testimonials on product forums would greatly help in finding out which weight loss pills actually work and which ones are sure to endanger your health.

A number of independent health and wellness websites (blogs) advocate genuine consumer awareness especially when it comes to weight loss pills. These websites contain vital information pertaining to which products in the market are safe to use and which ones have been reported to have ill effects, whether immediate or long-term.

Consumer testimonials on health and wellness forums are also reliable since most people who have had bad experience with certain products do tend to share it with others. Dissatisfied (and concerned) customers no not have any qualms telling exactly how it really is to use the product in question. They certainly do not have an agenda so you can certainly trust the information provided.

Myths About Weight Loss Pills Safety

Not All Heavily Endorsed Pills are Safe (or Effective)

So many consumers fall prey to constant and hyped-up advertisements, some of which with a Hollywood celebrity at the helm. Just because a weight loss product is endorsed by someone popular does not necessary mean it works or that it is safe to use. It is very important to still do research on the product prior to deciding whether it is worth purchasing or not.

All Weight Loss Pills Interact with Medications

While there are certain ingredients in certain products that MAY have a reaction with prescription or OTC medications, most weight loss pills are actually safe to use along with other drugs. However, to make sure that you do not endanger your health or diminish the efficacy of the medication and/or the weight loss pill, it is always wise to ask your physician about possible interactions.

Effectiveness Can be Increased by Doubling Up on Dosage

In some cases, the level of safety of weight loss pills depend on people who use it. This is true in the case of people who double up on dosages in the hopes that they can lose more weight in a much faster rate. It is best to keep in mind that weight loss pills are specifically formulated to be consumed at a specified daily dose. Consuming more than what is recommended does not guarantee faster results, and can in fact cause a number of side effects.

Following the correct dosage is imperative, especially if you are using OTC or prescription weight loss pills.

It is good to know that despite the staggering number of bogus products in the market today, there are still a number of excellent weight loss pills that are not only safe but also highly effective. It boils down to taking the time and effort to find just the right product and using it as per the recommended dosage.

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