Best Fat Burner for Women – Top 3 Products Worth Looking At

Best Fat Burner For Women - Make Your ChoiceWhen it comes to weight loss products, women are considerably more discerning compared to male buyers, as they tend to pay close attention to ingredients as well as overall efficacy.

For those who have not had much luck in finding the best fat burner for women, now would be a great time to explore all the best weight loss pills in the market to see which products are likely to produce excellent results.

Deciding among the various weight loss pills for women requires an understanding of the different ingredients used to formulate supplements.

One of the reasons why not all products work is that each one uses a different set of active ingredients, which may or may not be idea for fat burning.

Listed below are some of the most recognizable weight loss supplements for women, including important details about their formulation, ingredients, and projected effects.

Adiphene Fat BurnerAdiphene

This powerful supplement is primarily a fat buster that works by increasing metabolic rate, binding lipids, and reducing appetite by as much as 50%.

Active Ingredients

Bitter Orange – Several independent small studies have proven the positive effects of this fruit, not the least of which is appetite suppression and relief fo digestive distress.

Chromium Picolinate – This chemical compound is used in many weight loss supplements for women, which primarily works as an insulin efficiency booster. Since insulin controls how much fat is stored in the body, this substance is extremely valuable as an active ingredient for weight loss pills.

Important note: In recent studies, it has been proven that American as well European diets are very low in Chromium Picolinate since they are composed mainly of processed foods. This is an important fact to know when trying to discern why obesity has become so rampant in the US as well as many parts of Europe.

Guaranna Extract – This bean is indigenous to South America and the Amazon jungle. Its effects include facilitating the release of more dopamine, epinephrine, and adrenaline, which results to the efficient burning of more fats. This bean also helps keep up your energy during the day, the way caffeine energizes you in the morning.

Ginseng Panax Root Extract – This ingredient helps in terms of regulating blood sugar and modulating carbohydrate metabolism. This is very useful not only for women who are looking to lose weight fast, but also for anyone who suffer from diabetes.

Cacao Extract – Chocolate goodness is not the only thing that people can get from cacao beans. Cacao extract has been known to inhibit carbohydrate and fat digestion, which effectively means the body will not absorb much of what you consume. In addition, cacao is also an energy booster so you get more juice for exercise and other productive tasks.

Cinnamon Extract – Apart from being a popular ingredient for making cappuccino, cinnamon is also a powerful thermogenic substance that aids in fast weight loss. It also inhibits overproduction of insulin, which allows more fat to be stored in the body for a very long time.

Cayenne Capsicum – Chilies are known for their thermogenic effects, thanks to the substance called capsaicin. Cayenne Capsicum works the same way, but the effects are more concentrated. A side effect of consuming this ingredient is profuse sweating as the body attempts to cool itself down.

The combination of stimulants as well as themogenic ingredients make Adiphene among the best diet pills for women.


  • Excellent selection of ingredients
  • Affordable


  • This product consists of 5 known stimulants, which can have some negative effects on those who have sensitivity to one or more ingredients.


Capsiplex Fat BurnerCapsiplex


In a sea of weight loss supplements for women, all claiming to provide fast results, this product stands out a bit due to its popularity among Hollywood celebrities.

Capsiplex is a unique blend of natural ingredients, which have been chosen for their excellent fat burning attributes as well as other health benefits.

Active ingredients used for the Capsiplex formula

Capsicum Extract – As was previously mentioned, this ingredient is derived from chilies, and is preferred due to its fat burning effects.

Caffeine – This stimulant is known not only as an energizer, but also for its thermogenic attributes.

Piperine – Extracted from black pepper, this ingredient is mainly used to improve absorption of capsicum, in order to get the best possible results.

Niacin – More popularly known as Vitamin B3, this nutrient plays an important role in releasing energy from protein, carbohydrates, and fats. This is largely important since the goal is to convert fat reserves to usable energy.


  • All natural ingredients
  • Among the cheapest natural fat burners for women


  • Results take a while to become visible (8-10 weeks compared to 2-3 weeks for other products)

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Among the most popular weight loss supplements for women, PhenQ has become the benchmark for natural fat burners in the market today.

Over the past few years, it has garnered the adulation of experts as well as the approval of satisfied customers. Its high grade efficacy is largely due to the carefully selected ingredients that make up its formula.


Buy original PhenQ pillsL-Carnitine – This substance is known for its excellent fat burning capabilities, which is why it is a highly preferred ingredient not just for weight loss pills but also energy drinks. L-Carnitine is a thermogenic substance that converts stored fat and carbohydrates to usable energy.

Long Jack TongKate ALI – This muscle building hormone increases the rate at which the body processes protein, carbohydrates, and fat. With a faster metabolic rate, you can lose weight faster and avoid gaining any of the weight back.

Sympathomimetic Amine- Otherwise known as Citrus Aurantium, this metabolic booster works in coordination with the TongKate Ali and allows the body to burn off more calories from fat.

1,3,7 Trimethylxanthine – More popularly known as caffeine, this substance tricks the brain into thinking that the stomach is full and in no need of food. Since you do not feel hungry for long periods of time, it is easier to steer clear of food, especially unhealthy treats such as fried fast food, etc.

Capsaicin – Derived from chilies, this substance acts as the main catalyst for fat burning, and it continues to process stored energy from lipids even when the body is at rest.


  • Fast weight loss (results within 1-2 weeks from first intake)
  • No yo-yo effect (you do not gain the weight back after a few months, and there is no weight fluctuations either)
  • Medical grade concentration of ingredients
  • All natural components (vegetarian and vegan friendly)


  • Incidents of insomnia in some users (this can easily be remedied by cutting back on coffee and other caffeinated beverages)

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Verdict and Recommendation

The best fat burner for women is one that provides excellent results in as little time as possible, sans any significant side effects.

All the products mentioned above are high quality weight loss pills that are mainly geared towards women, and each one provides verifiable results.

The PhenQ does pull out ahead a little bit due to the sheer speed at which it delivers results. Otherwise, all three products make for excellent choices in weight reduction pills for women.


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