Best Thermogenic Fat Burner: Lose Weight and Increase Energy

Fat burner is a substance that use heat to increase your metabolism and boost your energy. It commonly comes in the forms of supplement pills or powder. These supplements often are advertised as a way to help you reduce your appetite, increase metabolism, and boost your energy.

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Pay attention to the specific ingredients to find those, that are proven to be beneficial for weight loss and increased energy. Thermogenesis occurs when the calories in your body are burned to produce heat and raise your body’s metabolic rate.

There are three types of thermogenesis: exercise-associated; non-exercise activity; and diet-induced.

When you supplement your body with quality thermogenic fat burners, you are providing it with diet-induced thermogenesis in the same way that you would induce it with the certain food, but with fewer calories.

They make getting these essential nutrients for weight loss more convenient for those who are looking to burn fat quickly. They also increase your nutrient intake, giving your body more of the nutrients that it needs to be healthy, lose weight, and have energy.

The best thermogenic fat burner will be one that suits your body’s needs, has high-quality ingredients, and has been shown to work for others. Its ingredients should be natural, safe, and backed by science to increase your metabolism and boost energy.

Make sure to look at the labels and review the top-rated fat burners for the highest-quality ingredients that will benefit you the most. Men and women can benefit from different ingredients, so it’s a great idea to seek thermogenic fat burners that are specifically designed for your gender.

Best fat burner for men: Instant Knockout

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Men need a thermogenic fat burner that is specifically designed for their bodies. The best fat burner supplement for men is going to be one that is formulated for men’s needs and gives them more stamina for tough workouts.

It should increase your metabolism and have ingredients tailored to a man’s body. One of the best fat burners for men is Instant Knockout, which contains 10 natural ingredients proven to help men boost energy levels and increase metabolism.

These ingredients have been proven to help men burn fat in their toughest problem areas—belly fat, chest area (they call it “man boobs”), thighs, and hips. Instant Knockout is a pill form supplement meant to be taken four times a day.

It’s been used by professional athletes such as Diego Sanchez, middleweight champion of The Ultimate Fighter Season 1; Greg Jackson, a top MMA coach; and John Dodson III, one of the top flyweight fighters in the world.

The athletes are blown away by the effectiveness of Instant Knockout to boost their energy levels, helping them get through their vigorous training sessions with ease. They’ve also used it to reach and maintain weight goals for their careers.

The best part of Instant Knockout is its ingredients, each of them safe for your body and scientifically proven to be effective at helping you reach your goals. When researching the best thermogenic fat burner, look for the same key ingredients for the product to be successful.

The top ingredient in Instant Knockout is green tea, which has shown after numerous studies that it has numerous powerful benefits for your body. A study in men showed that consumption of green tea increased their energy expenditure by 4% over the following 24 hours.

Other controlled trials showed that green tea was successful at increasing fat burning and metabolism in men. As added benefits, green tea has also been shown to lower your risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

However, it’s not the tastiest and men don’t typically care to sip tea all day. This is why it’s a great addition to supplements.

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Another top ingredient is cayenne pepper. Due to the spiciness of cayenne pepper, it has been found to raise your body temperature, which creates a diet-induced thermogenesis that increases your metabolism.

Other studies also showed that the capsaicin found in cayenne pepper is effective in reducing hunger. Since it’s spicy, it may be a turn off for many people, so including it in pill form instead of adding it to foods makes these supplements more convenient.

A lesser known ingredient called Glucomannan is included in many of the best thermogenic fat burners, including Instant Knockout. Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber that is extracted from the roots of the Konjac plant.

This fiber has a high ability to absorb water, promote weight loss, and keep you fuller longer. Fiber has so many benefits for your body, but this specific type of fiber has been proven to aid in weight loss for men.

You should also be on the lookout for key vitamins, such as vitamins B6 and B12. Both of these vitamins play an important role in brain function as well as the added benefits of reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer.

If you’re dieting, it’s a possibility that you’re not getting enough B6 and B12 from the food you eat, so it’s important to get these vitamins back into your system with supplements. These vitamins are going to give you the focus you need to get through both your day and your strenuous workouts.

Instant Knockout also includes zinc, which is beneficial for men’s health to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. It has been found to promote more endurance and energy to get you through your workouts, as well as recover and get through your day.

It also has the added health benefits of being beneficial to prostate, heart, and brain health. It’s an all-around great mineral to be included in your diet, and adding it to the supplement ensures that you are getting enough of it each day. Check the Instant Knockout website here.

Best fat burner for women: Phen375

The best fat burner for women is going to include specific ingredients that are proven to aid in women’s weight loss and appetite suppression. It should be designed with a woman’s body in mind, focusing on ingredients that make it the most effective fat burner while providing energy.

Women tend to have more cravings than men, so effective fat burners should include ingredients that will curb these cravings. One of the top-rated fat burners for women is Phen375, which was designed specifically for women who want to slim down, curb cravings, and suppress their appetite.

Its formula was created for women’s bodies and hormonal balances in mind to help them reach their goals quicker and successfully. The supplements also come with a complete guide to make lifestyle changes easier. The company provides you with a completed program of diet plans and a free e-book for weight-loss tips.

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Pay attention to the key ingredients in thermogenic fat burners before purchasing. Their ingredients should be top-quality and proven to have results. Phen375 includes some of the top ingredients that are proven to increase energy and metabolism while curbing cravings.

A top ingredient to look for is L-carnitine, a natural amino acid. It aids in the production of energy in your body by transporting fatty acids to be burned for this energy.

Studies have also shown that it helps with athletic performance, soreness, and recovery after a workout. This key ingredient is going to give you the stamina to get through your workouts as well as burn fat at the same time.

Another top ingredient is caffeine anhydrous, which curbs cravings and hunger and improves exercise performance. Caffeine itself boosts metabolism and provides stamina during exercise.

It also increases the rate at which your body produces heat, which is the point of thermogenesis and burns more calories. It has specifically shown to increase exercise endurance better than the caffeine found in coffee alone.

Another ingredient is forskolin, which is derived from the roots of the Coleus forskohlii, a tropical plant. In the past, this plant has been used to treat various conditions, but it gained popularity in 2014 as a weight-loss supplement after being featured on the Dr. Oz Show.

Recent studies showed that forskolin promotes fat loss and preserves muscle mass. This ingredient is going to be beneficial to giving you that slim and toned body that you’re working hard towards.

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An interesting ingredient to look for is Citrus aurantium or bitter orange. It contains a compound called synephrine, which is similar to the potent, yet banned fat-burner ephedrine, but is less potent, and therefore, safer for consumption.

It curbs your appetite and significantly increases your metabolism and quickly burns fat. Since it seems to have the same benefits as ephedrine, yet is safe for consumption, it makes a great addition to any supplement designed for weight loss.

Phen375 also includes dendrobium nobile extract, which was commonly used in East Asia for centuries. It has been found to aid in digestion, which is often an issue for women.

Between busy schedules, stress, and on-the-go-foods, women’s digestion problems often contribute to weight gain and difficulty losing weight. This added ingredient is beneficial for helping women get past that plateau that is holding them back from weight loss and healthy bodies.

Women can also look for the same ingredients that are found in men’s supplement pills, and vice versa, but this isn’t always necessary.

While many will have some of the same ingredients, women’s and men’s bodies differ in the amount and types of nutrients they need to lose weight and increase energy.

The metabolisms of men and women differ due to lifestyles and hormonal differences, so their bodies require more specific ingredients to be successful in their weight loss journey. The best fat burner will have the highest quality ingredients and show proven benefits.

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