HIIT Workout – How To Achieve Your Fitness Goals With HIIT Cardio

People work out for a lot of different reasons. Some folks enjoy it and it's what can be considered as their hobby, while others want to improve their physique. Whatever your reason is, you’re doing good if you’re working out. HIIT workout is what the fitness world is crazy about now. Keep reading to learn how you can use HIIT cardio to get results you want.


hiit workout

If you’re working out to shed some pounds off, however, things can be tricky. While a lot of exercises will let you burn your stored fats and calories, you might find some of them to be a very slow process or completely ineffective.

While there are tons of different reasons why you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss regime, it can also be explained by the very kind of exercises you’ve been doing.

The trouble with ineffective workouts helps make HIIT cardio one of the most popular workouts today. In fact, it has been hailed as the 2nd most popular fitness trend in the world according to the 2015 American College of Sports Medicine's Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends.

As it promises to help you to burn fats and calories even after your workouts, it might just really be the best way to achieve your fitness goals.

What is HIIT Cardio?

What exactly is HIIT workout, thoughts? HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It’s basically a training technique where you have to push yourself to the limit in every routine and action you make to really get your blood pumping. Some people put it as exercising until you feel like you’re going to die from all of the exertions you’re doing.

Sounds intimidating? It kind of is if you haven’t heard of it before. What you should know about this method, however, is that you will be able to rest after every burst, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. The idea is to do something at your 100% capacity and then follow it with a break or a low-intensity routine so you can recover.

HIIT workout routines can be composed of pure, intense cardio or bodyweight training. It can also be a combination of the two.

How HIIT Exercises Help You Lose Weight

hiit cardio for weight loss

HIIT may sound like a serious training method, so if you can’t even manage to bring yourself to the gym without a long pep talk in front of the mirror, why should you make things more punishing for yourself? As mentioned above, this routine may just help you lose weight more effectively.

Studies have actually proven just how effective this method is. One found out that four weeks of HIIT rowing will let you burn more body fat than traditional rowing. This allows HIIT to be more promising for those who want to lose weight than other workout routines.

But how does HIIT achieve its great results? As HIIT cardio or any other routine will let you use up a lot of oxygen, it can create an oxygen shortage in the body. This means that your body will require more oxygen to be distributed to your whole system while you recover from the workout, in turn, torching a good deal of energy even after you’ve already stopped moving.

Known as the “EPOC” or excess postexercise oxygen consumption, your body will use up a lot more energy to restore itself to its pre-workout state, so you get to burn more calories even after you’ve concluded your exercise. This two-hour post-exercise period will burn up to 6 to 15% more calories, making this workout routine an excellent measure to add to your weight loss regime.

Other Benefits of Doing High-Intensity Cardio or Bodyweight Training

Aside from effective weight loss, there are a few other benefits HIIT cardio workouts can offer. Some of them are:

1. Your metabolism speeds up.

The EPOC also causes your digestive system into an overdrive so your metabolism is sped up for up to 48 hours after your workout. If you regularly do HIIT exercises, your odds at metabolizing food faster will also increase exponentially.

2. It offers a quick and convenient way to get fit.

As mentioned above, an HIIT routine can be four minutes to thirty minutes long. It can be anywhere else in between as well. This makes it a great fit for those who are juggling fitness efforts with their hectic schedules.

With this workout, you don’t have any more excuse that you don’t have time to burn off the calories you’ve been consuming as this method is as effective and flexible as it can get.

3. You don’t really need equipment to do HIIT workouts.

Because HIIT only really requires you to heighten the intensity of your exercises, you can easily just amp up your regular bodyweight and cardio workouts and you’re good to go. Of course, you can also do HIIT workouts on your rowing machine, exercise bike, or treadmill as well, but if you don’t have such, it shouldn’t be a big problem.

4. You can easily change up your routine so you won’t get bored.

With so many different bodyweight training and cardio routines that you can do, it will be hard to run out of great exercises to try and switch around. This will help you try out something new every so often, changing up your routine more effectively to keep you always engaged, challenged, and interested.

5. You are always challenged.

hiit workout challenges your endurance

Another great thing about the best HIIT workout is that it will strengthen you and improve your endurance. With every session, you can push yourself even further as you can be sure that you can do better than what you’ve done before. This makes the workout more exciting and fulfilling, allowing you to stick to it all the more.

Is HIIT Workout Safe?

The biggest question for a lot of folks who have never come across HIIT workouts yet is whether it’s safe for them to try. Beginners who have been told that their safety and doing things in moderation is the best way to start working out might feel a bit conflicted about HIIT.

As it requires you to push really hard to do a specific movement, it might seem like it can easily cause injuries like torn muscles and sprains. This, of course, is a very valid concern anyone who wants to get fit fast will not want to risk their well being to get fit.

So is it safe for beginners? The answer here is yes but with reservations. Complete beginners in working out may not exactly be suitable for HIIT cardio workouts as the intensity can cause mistakes, which can cause injuries.

However, if you’re well aware of the proper forms when executing specific routines, it shouldn’t be a big problem. A bit of experience will also help you know what your limits are, allowing you to avoid over exertion.

A lot of experts also note that beginners in HIIT exercises should execute routines at their pace. If you don’t think your body can handle going any harder on a routine or you can’t do another round anymore, you shouldn’t push yourself.

Observing good form instead of focusing on your speed and number of repetitions is essential, which is why some experts also suggest you start a high-intensity workout at home first before you sign up for a class. Most HIIT classes will really be competitive and fierce and you don’t need to be all that just yet if you’re still getting the hang of the method.

Keep in mind that HIIT workouts can range from 4 minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes (if you’re already well-experienced) so you shouldn’t worry about getting over fatigued. If you follow the 1:2 routine to recovery formula, you can also be sure to make the most out of this training method.

The Tabata Training Might Just Be the Weight Loss Routine You’ve Been Looking For

One of the most popular kinds of HIIT workout is the Tabata training. Named after its creator, Dr. Izumi Tabata, this routine has been discovered after Dr. Tabata discovered that he can shorten the training time and still get the best results by upping the intensity of the routines. After testing it on the Japanese speed skating team, he found great results for his theory.

This routine can be composed of bodyweight exercises, calisthenics, strength exercises, or plyometrics, but the original routine only requires one movement. You should go at it in one movement with all that you have, although, variations are now also being done by many.

It will only require a minimum of four minutes of swapping 20 seconds of high-intensity routines with 10 seconds of rest. As you get stronger, you can up the intensity and do it for much longer until you can workout intensely for 30 minutes.

To know if you’ve done your Tabata workout well, you should feel completely spent after four minutes. If you don’t, you didn’t give it your best at all.

It might sound too good to be true, but science actually proves the Tabata workout’s merit. It is guaranteed to be effective and granted that these four minutes should be the hardest four minutes of your life, workout-wise, you really shouldn’t look down on it.

What makes it great is the fact that it doesn’t require a lot of time. If you’re a busy person and you can hardly squeeze a 30-minute session for a run or on your stationary bike, this might just be the very solution you’re looking for to get back in shape. With tons of information about this workout online, you also can easily get started in this training.

A Few Tips to Make the Most Out of Your HIIT Workouts

If you’re thinking of trying out one of the best HIIT workouts for men, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These things will help you make the most out of your workout and avoid injuries, so make sure to always remember the following:

1. Give yourself some time to rest.

As it is designed to build your strength and endurance, your body will be constantly pushed to the limit. This will also mean that your body will require some time to recover, so doing back-to-back training is highly discouraged.

Experts say that beginners should only try HIIT once a week. Once you already have ample endurance for it, you can start doing it for 3 to 5 (maximum) times a week.

2. Always observe proper form.

Your proper form is more important than repetitions as it will ensure that you’re actually executing the routine properly and exercising your body completely. Beginners should always be more wary of their form instead of the number of reps that they can do for the best HIIT session.

3. Add weight.

If you don’t think you’re still exerting a lot of effort, adding weight should do the trick. This will make your routines more challenging.

add weights to your hiit cardio

4. Use an interval timer.

It will be hard to pay attention to the time when you’re working out so hard, so it will be best to use an interval timer to tell you when to stop and resume your exercise.

5. Never skip doing warm ups and cool downs.

This is a no-brainer. Everyone who works out should always warm up and cool down properly, but if you’re doing an intense workout, you should be stricter in doing both.

6. Do the talk test to ensure that you’re giving your HIIT workout your everything.

To make sure that you’re really giving your HIIT workout your all, try talking while moving. If you can still talk, you’re not pushing hard enough.

7. Don’t stop abruptly.

If you feel like you’re about to pass out from all the exertion, don’t stop abruptly. Doing so might be dangerous for you as well. What you can do instead is to lessen the intensity of the workout and slowly cool down. Make sure to pay close attention to your body during your HIIT workouts as it’s all up to you how hard you can push yourself to perform in this workout.

8. Stick with burst intervals and never try to lengthen them.

Each interval should only last for less than a minute. Anything beyond that will be too much for most people and can already cause overexertion. Stick with 20-60 second intervals for the best results.

Whatever is your reason for working out you should strive to use the best routines. HIIT workout is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and improve your fitness. I hope that after reading this article you know better what is HIIT cardio and how you should use it to achieve your weight loss or fitness goal.

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