Instant Knockout Fat Burner Review: Turbo Charge Your Fat Burning

Instant Knockout Fat Burner

If you’re here, it means you’re not happy with that extra fat in your body. You are looking for something that would work for you and think that maybe Instant Knockout Fat Burner is going to work. No doubt you’re wondering if this is just another bogus weight loss product that promises a lot but fails to deliver. Continue reading this review to learn if this product is as good as claimed.

What is Instant Knockout?

This Instant Knockout Fat Burner review will start by explaining what this health supplement is about. As per the manufacturer Roar Ambition, it was developed for MMA fighters and professional athletes who need to lose weight fast.

Athletes have to lose fat and maintain their muscle mass quickly, so the formula was developed to burn fat as rapidly as possible.

Anyone who’s tried to burn calories knows how difficult it is to shed body fat and maintain muscle. It requires a balancing act and more often than not, all the muscles you worked so hard to get are lost when you try and lose fat.

That is what Instant Knockout supplement is formulated to avoid: you burn fat but do not lose any muscle mass.

What are the Benefits of Using It?

Instant Knockout Fat Burner can do a lot for you including the following:

1. Burn Fat Fast:

you now have the chance to burn body fat the way that MMA fighters and professionals do. You get real results without losing muscles.

2. Works on Stubborn Fat:

The fat burning supplement gets rid of stubborn body fat including those on your stomach, chest, and hips. Just take four capsules a day and watch as your body fat starts to melt away.

instant knockout fat burner burns stubborn fat

3. Natural Ingredients:

There are no artificial ingredients in this supplement. It is all natural and has been thoroughly tested prior to being released.

4. Increases Metabolic Rate:

Whether you’re sitting on the couch or working out, your body uses energy. But what this fat burner does is accelerate your body’s metabolic rate so you burn more fats than before. The faster your metabolism is the more effective it will be in eliminating body fat.

5. Eliminates Excessive Cravings:

The most difficult thing about dieting is feeling like you’re always hungry. As is indicated in the ingredients section, this fat burner contains appetite suppressants so you don’t eat as much.

6. Reduces Body Fat Storage:

This fat burner works by turning off the switch which makes you want to keep eating. By shutting off this incessant craving you won’t be gaining any excess fats, ending the cycle.

7. Gain More Body Fuel:

Doing cardio workouts is good, but it’s going to take its toll in terms of your energy. With Instant Knockout, you’re going to get an energy boost as it converts fat into fuel which you will use for working out.

8. Burn Fat All the Time:

The fuel boost you get gives you more energy as well as extra fat burning power. Whether you’re walking, working out or going about your daily routines, this product will burn those fats.

Burning fat is difficult if you just rely on workouts and exercises. However, taking this fat burner is going to make things easier for you.

What are the Instant Knockout Ingredients?

1. Green Tea

Green tea is a natural fat burner and has EGCG, an antioxidant which speeds up your metabolism. As your metabolism accelerates, your body is forced to utilize fat as fuel. Green tea contains catechin polyphenols which boost norepinephrine levels to increase metabolism.

green tea is one of Instant Knockout ingredients

Green tea also boosts your endurance, allowing you to do more workouts and build stronger muscles while burning calories. The catechin polyphenols in green tea also stimulate muscle cell buildup and help your liver absorb fatty acids. As your body uses up more carbohydrates it burns slower, and you’ll be able to do longer workouts.

Last but not the least, green tea eliminates excess fat including that which is hard to remove like those in your stomach. Your body converts fat and sugar into triglycerides, and while it serves vital functions, too much is dangerous to your health and could lead to obesity.

The polyphenols in green tea contain enzymes which eliminate the excess triglyceride, reducing the amount of fat you have to lose. Green tea also reduces the possible side effects you might feel. It also cuts down the amount of fat your body keeps in storage. Unlike other health supplements, green tea does not have any side effects.

2. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper also speeds up your metabolism and functions as an appetite suppressant. Cayenne pepper is spicy, and this is what allows it to increase your body temperature. As your body’s heat level rises, the natural response is to cool it down by burning calories.

When combined with green tea and the other ingredients in this product, the effects increase.

Another positive effect of cayenne pepper is it works as an appetite suppressant. It curbs your hunger pangs because it reduces the ghrelin hormones in your body. This is a handy feature especially if you have trouble controlling your appetite.

3. Glucomannan

Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber which acts as an appetite suppressant. It is obtained from the konjac plant root and is rich in soluble fiber. Having this in your body goes a long way towards curbing your appetite.

This reduces our hunger pangs and eliminates your urge to indulge in midnight snacks.

4. Caffeine Anhydrous

This is another metabolism booster, but it goes further than the usual because it destroys fat stored in your body. Its fat to energy conversion level is more effective compared to other metabolism boosters. Aside from burning fat, caffeine anhydrous keeps your blood sugar level up so your energy level is high.

instant knockout boosts metabolism

5. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 provides a lot of health benefits, and in this supplement, it is in the form of pyridoxine. What vitamin B6 does is enhance your body’s amino acid absorption. This, together with the better utilization of proteins, stimulate more effective muscle build up.

6. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 converts carbohydrates into glucose, and you use this as energy during your workouts. Vitamin B12 also increases your body’s energy production which leads to better utilization of fatty acids. Consistent intake of vitamin B12 also improves digestion, food absorption, and protein synthesis.

7. GTF Chromium

This is a trace element which keeps your blood sugar levels normal. GTF chromium also boosts your energy level. Basically what it does is assist insulin as it moves fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose in cells. Without GTF chromium, this process will take longer and make it harder for your body to lose fat.

GTF chromium is also going to cut down the amount of fat stored in your body. While this is not a muscle building supplement, this ingredient enhances protein synthesis, so if you want to work out, this is going to speed up muscle growth and development.

GTF chromium also reduces your body’s craving for sweets and urge to go on food binges, both of which are crucial if you’re trying to lose weight.

7. Zinc

Zinc is critical for maintaining your body’s testosterone level. This is also the mineral which helps with carbohydrate processing. Zinc also converts proteins and fat into energy. This is what your body will use when working out so you shed more fat.

8. Piperine

According to the ACS Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, piperine prevents new fat cells from developing. Basically, what it does is block the genes which form these cells. What this means is your body will have a harder time storing fat once you have lost it. Piperine also leads to greater bio availability of other nutrients, allowing your body to utilize them more efficiently.

9. Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee beans are unroasted bean extracts, which is the reason why they’re green instead of brown. Green coffee beans are full of chlorogenic acid which prevents glucose from building up in your liver. Green coffee beans also slow down the way your body absorbs fat so you feel full for longer periods.

Chlorogenic acid also reduces the fat percentage in your body, lowering your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. This effect has been verified in two studies, one in 2007 and the other in 2012, both of which shows that chlorogenic acid improves glucose usage and absorption. What makes it even better is you’ll be able to lose fat without changing your diet.

Last but not the least chlorogenic acid reduces blood sugar levels while reducing your cravings for food.

How The Ingredients Work Together:

Each of these ingredients provides benefits, but it’s the way they work together that separates this fat burner from the rest.

Essentially what the ingredients do is combine the effects to remove fats in your body. The ingredients loosen your body’s hold on those fats so they’re easier to burn off during each workout.

By using this fat burner and combining it with workouts and a healthy diet, you’ll lose those unwanted fats and not gain them back.

Even as you lose fats, you won’t lose energy since the supplement does not deprive you of those needed muscles. In other words, you retain your muscle mass and strength.

How Does Instant Knockout Fat Burner Work?

instant knockout for bodybuilding

Instant Knockout for bodybuilding works on different levels, but basically, what it does is speed up your metabolism.

The basic rule when it comes to losing weight is to boost your metabolism. Doing so will force your body to use body fat as energy, allowing you to get rid of unhealthy fat.

Instant Knockout results show that this supplement does it better than any fat burner in the market. This is possible because it contains ingredients which have been formulated to do just that.

It is not just the ingredients, however, as it is also the formula, the manner by which the ingredients have been put together that makes this possible.

There are no hidden formulas or tricks with this fat burner. It is all about using natural ingredients to burn body fat the quickest way possible.

What makes it different from other fat burners is it works at a much faster rate.

This is not surprising given that it’s been designed for MMA fighters and athletes.

The quick results you get from this fat burner is understandable because MMA fighters need to get in shape quickly. They need to make the weight limit, cutting fat without muscle or strength.

By taking just 4 500mg capsules a day, pro athletes are able to lose weight quickly while maintaining their muscles.

This process, however, is not limited to athletes but also for anyone who wants to lose weight.

You don’t need to be an athlete to take advantage of its fat burning capabilities. With regular use, you’re going to lose fat and get in shape.

To get a better idea of how this formula works, keep in mind that your body has a receptor which stores fat. Fat itself isn’t bad, and you need it to store extra energy and keep you warm.

However, too much of it isn’t good for you. This fat locking receptor is known as Alpha 2 and is located in your buttocks, stomach, abs, and hips. Not surprisingly those are the areas where fat is hardest to remove.

What makes this fat burner very effective is it turns the alpha 2 receptors off. As soon as this is shutdown it affects your body’s ability to store fat. However, that’s not the only effect as turning the alpha 2 receptor off also forces your body to release the stored body fat. Once the excess fat has been released you’ll be able to burn it off during workouts.

Having pointed that out, we have to stress that this product will not perform miracles. Is it going to burn the fat in your body? Yes, it will, and it’s going to do it at a faster rate than others.

But all of this will be for naught if you don’t change your diet. So for the best results, you should combine this fat burner with a healthy diet.

Does it Work for Women Too?

The answer is yes, Instant Knockout for women works just fine. Some are under the mistaken assumption this weight loss supplement is only for men.

That is not true, because it is a fat burner that works for both men and women. Yes, it was originally formulated for pros, but the formula does not distinguish between genders and it’s going to work for all.

instant knockout for women works very well

One of the reasons why some women hesitate to use these formulas is they’re afraid of bulking up. However that’s not the case: this fat burner does exactly that, burn fat. It will not cause you to bulk up. You will just lose fat. This formula won’t add mass to your body, as it focuses just on shedding fat.

What is the Proper Dosage?

Take one capsule four times a day, one in the morning, before lunch, in the afternoon and before your last meal of the day. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.

You may start by taking 2 to 3 capsules to give your body time to adjust. However, you should not take more than 4 capsules.

Are There Any Side Effects?

No matter what they say, all health supplements and fat burners have the potential to cause side effects. Fortunately, Instant Knockout side effects aren’t severe. Since its ingredients are natural, the most you’ll experience is a bit of drowsiness, mild headaches and difficulty sleeping the first few nights.

Those are the side effects which have been reported. Just because some have reported it doesn’t mean you will. If you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients there is a good chance you may experience minimal side effects.


  • Burns body fat quickly
  • Does not reduce muscles
  • Has no major side effects
  • Boosts your energy
  • Reduces your appetite
  • Sculpts your body


  • Only available online
  • Needs to be taken four times a day

Where to Buy Instant Knockout

If you want to know where to buy Instant Knockout, it is only available on the official website. Do not buy from fake websites and stores which claim they have this fat burner. Those are bogus products and could cause health problems.

If you order from the official website you can choose from the following packages. The Instant Knockout prices are listed below.

Instant Knockout Fat Burner 1 Bottle

One Month Supply

1 Bottle


PayPal Available

Instant Knockout Fat Burner 3 Bottles Ultimate Shredding Stack

Ultimate Shredding Stack

3 Bottles

  • + 1 Bottle Free
  • Free Worldwide Delivery
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee


PayPal Available

Instant Knockout Fat Burner 2 Bottles

Two Months Supply

2 Bottles

  • Free Delivery In The U.S.A & U.K


PayPal Available


Does Instant Knockout work? Yes, it does. This supplement will not perform miracles and you still need to do your part and work out.

Again, Instant Knockout Fat Burner is all about shedding body fat and in that respect, it works very well. Not only are its ingredients natural, but it is also faster and safer than other fat burners.

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