Should You Really Worry About Instant Knockout Fat Burner Side Effects?

No matter what the manufacturer says, most supplements have a side effect. Luckily, Instant Knockout side effects are not severe. The worst you can experience is a little drowsiness and a difficulty in sleeping.


How to avoid Instant Knockout side effects

All this would last for only for the first few nights. It’s no doubt you think if this a bogus fat burner product that is risky for the body.

What is Instant Knockout?

According to the manufacturer, "we developed Instant Knockout to help pro fighters and MMA fighters lose weight faster." For a fighter to qualify in the official weigh-in, he needs to lose weight.

And more importantly, the weight should not compromise strength and muscle gain. So they need something that works fast and effective, and the everyday method is not the way.

Instant Knockout is able to help fighters achieve rapid results. This works on a three-pronged process. They include enhancing metabolism, boosting endurance, and getting rid of fat.

By combining the formula with the right dosage amount, you’ll achieve a rapid weight loss. More importantly, a maintained muscle definition.

Ingredient contained in Instant Knockout fat burner includes:

  • Vitamin B6 and B2
  • Zinc
  • Green Tea extract
  • GTF Chromium
  • Green Coffee bean extract
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Glucomannan
  • Caffeine
  • Bioperine (black pepper extract).

Side Effects of using Instant Knockout Fat Burner:

Anyone who says that a supplement is free from side effect is not being honest. Instant Knockout has a side effect.

The most obvious side effect is from the caffeine it contains. It can cause different effects such as headaches, insomnia, drowsiness, and irritability.

This is why I’d tell you to start off with a low dosage amount. it will let you understand how well your body can respond to this supplement.

If you’re familiar with caffeine and can take it anytime, you can go for the full dosage. I’d advise you to consult your doctor before commencing any supplement regimen.

Let’s discuss the side effects of the caffeine ingredients of the Instant Knockout.

Which Ingredients Can Cause Side Effects?

Green tea:

Manufacturers label green tea as safe and shouldn’t cause an adverse effect on anyone. However, it does contain a certain amount of caffeine. This caffeine has side effects of sleep deprivation and increased heartbeat rate.

Caffeine Anhydrous:

Side effects of caffeine include the increased blood pressure or heart rate. Some may experience a faster heartbeat (as mentioned earlier).

It could also result in trouble sleeping if you use them when you’re close to bedtime. Some users complained of diarrhea or stomach cramp whenever they take caffeine.

Green Coffee Bean:

The side effect of coffee bean is due to its caffeine level. As said earlier, side effects are trouble sleeping, increased heart and jitteriness.

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Recommended Dosage To Avoid Side Effects:

The official website of Instant Knockout gave out a direction for product use. They recommend a total of four capsules in a day. One in the morning, and the second before lunch.

The third during the noon and the last before dinner (and six hours to sleep). They advise users never to abuse the product or use more than the recommended dose.

Instant Knockout should not be exposed to the under-18 age range. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mom have no fair share of this supplement. People with a history of liver, heart or kidney disease should consult their doctor.

They'd need to get a “go ahead” before using any of this product. Also diabetic and low blood sugar patient should be careful to before use. It may further reduce their blood sugar levels.

Use 1-2 capsules of Instant Knockout 30-45 minutes before workout.

You’ll start to notice the effects, after dosing with Instant Knockout. Trust me; you’ll experience one of the best workouts like never before.

Our Judgement:

One thing I love about the manufacturers is that they show the entire ingredient in the products. They seem not to mention the Instant Knockout Fat Burner Side Effects on their website, but they do exist.

These effects are minimal and not something so dangerous because they all boil down to the caffeine in it. The manufacturers of this supplement are reputable. You can find their info online.

Even though the only downside is the high amount of caffeine, it doesn’t in any way affect the usage. All you should do is take precautions. Always take the first capsule not more than 6 hours before bed. You’ll prevent the effects of caffeine with this.