Natural appetite suppressant – How To Speed Up Weight Loss

natural appetite suppressant

Food is love and we can't resist the beautiful affection of love, but when this love of food is taking you to the dangerous world of fatness and obesity then it's time to take the hard decision. That is why most of the people are stressed out seeing themselves in the mirror with chubby cheeks, fat belly, and bad figure.

The next step comes with the thought of trying weight loss exercise, diet food, diet pills, diet drinks and a life ahead full of diet plans everywhere. In that case, the best way is to go for using natural appetite suppressant to reduce your hunger pains along with having all food essentials at the same time.

Hunger control problems are the reason for failed attempts towards weight loss as most of us don't have the proper plan and idea to stave off their hunger and for that they go for trying various methods at a time such as using diet pills, having fast for many days or starving for the whole day. All these habits could lead anyone towards severe health issues.

To curb your hunger and maintain a healthy lifestyle along with the focus on weight loss is not a tough task, you just need to pick up the right keys to enter the right door.

1. Stress less and lose weight faster:

Be a stress eater and lose weight effectively. Most of the people gain more weight due to having lots of stress on the daily basis. It triggers your metabolism, increases the blood pressure and led you towards gaining more weight and for that stress management is crucial to do.

curb appetite with less stress

Does stress management really work?

Now that the science and research has also proved this cause and effect of stress and its management, doctors and nutritionists also suggest people explore the ways of handling stress.

In the university of California, a small stress-management based study was conducted by Kelly Webber (Associate professor in Uk Department of Dietetics and Human Nutrition). The study included 26 participants of 2 groups from which one group was exposed to a daily 75-minute stress management intervention by a trainer for about seven weeks.

The study concluded the results of participants that lost about 17 pounds and have a decrease in blood pressure.

Techniques to stress-management weight loss intervention:

People likely eat more when they are stressed out and are in great tension so whether they were fat before or not, due to eating much in tension they are likely to gain weight.

Therefore the best appetite suppressant in such case is to manage stress through various techniques like having fun, optimistic thinking , self-pampering and having a good sleep.

Have Fun:

Life is not a bed of roses that is for sure but most of us have taken it to another level. In the name of busyness, hard routines, workout, financial issues, family issues, educational problems, professional issues and much more we have ignored the life among us.

All these excuses are the reason behind stress and to manage it we have to indulge in lively activities like go out on a weekend, make a tour to visit lively places, gave time to nature, go out for a coffee, gave a night to club, hang out with friends, make something for yourself and simply smile as it takes away all the bad aroma create a positive universe around you.

Think Positive:

Pessimistic thinking is the biggest reason behind stress. Most people have the habit of thinking negative all the time. Whether it's professional life or personal, an argument with the boss or with wife/husband such people always go for thinking worst and pessimistic and start degrading themselves.

That's the worst way to treat yourself and also a factor of increased stress led to increased weight and unhealthy life. The simple way to get rid all of these issues is to get rid of your negative thoughts. Life is so simple and beautiful and only with a positive approach one can create happiness around itself which will definitely reduce tensions and stress.


The World is so mean if you are mean to yourself. Our body, mind, and soul need attention and care which totally depends upon us of how we treat ourselves and we do for ourselves. No one is going to do nothing for you if you are not loyal to yourself.

So start taking care and do something special to relax and calm your mind, body, and soul like spiritual meditation, going to the spa for grooming and relaxing. It will automatically release your stress and will help to lose weight faster.

2. Opt Healthy Lifestyle:

What lifestyle do we opt makes a big difference. Weight gain problems often use to rise where people don’t bother to adopt healthy living criteria. No exercise and no diet plan are what cause the obesity.

Proper Diet Schedule:

Everyone needs a diet plan so that we could maintain the accuracy of essential food elements needed for the body. Our body needs protein, fiber, calories, vitamins and carbohydrates in their proper amount and the excess could lead us towards being overweight.

proper diet as best appetite suppressant

When hunger strikes we try to take a full meal without noticing the harm of it to our body because we find it difficult to suppress the appetite and hunger pains.

What is the best appetite suppressant that works?

The proper method to deal it is to go for having natural appetite suppressants so that only the essential food intake will be made and it will cut the fat and extra weight automatically. According to best health researchers and nutritionists here is some hunger suppressant to try:


Movement of our muscles in a proper and effective way creates the best settlement of hormones and helps one to fight hunger more effectively. It's the one natural source to lose weight more effectively and faster.

A 10 minute pushes up, 10-15 minutes running and a little walk can easily suppress the hunger by reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin. It also freshens your mind and creates the proper circulation of blood in your body resulting in less focus towards hunger and appetite and burning fat more effectively.

Try the chewing technique:

Once it starts feels like craving for food and a lot of food we find it very difficult to stop our hands struggling to intake the desired food. The best way to avoid the feeling is to do something which tricks your mind into eating and not to go for craving anymore.

It’s called the chewing technique which is the best appetite suppressant. Chewing gum helps to curb the feeling of hunger. It is also a sort of exercise which results losing the significant amount of calories if done properly on daily basis.

Relying on healthy beverages:

Beverages are a good intake and helpful to savage hunger. Whenever you feel hunger pangs instead of getting on to food try healthy beverages which are good for metabolism and are filled with vitamins and minerals such as coffee, juices, tea, milk, and water.


Want to shed unwanted calories and control hunger, simply go for having a cup of tea made with healthy and refreshing herbs. We have the variety of green tea in the market made with different herbs and relaxing ingredients which are helpful in burning belly fat, calories, and digestion process.

know how to curb hunger by drinking tea

It also refreshes the mind and control the thoughts of craving for hunger, reduces stress and increases metabolism function. Most of the people use tea and coffee as appetite suppressants at work because whenever they feel like work stress, overload, hunger strike and dullness they go for having a good cup of tea or coffee.

As a natural appetite suppressant how much beneficial Tea could be?

Some varieties of tea are very much helpful in weight loss and healthy lifestyle maintenance as Fennel tea, licorice tea, dandelion tea and Siberian ginseng tea.

Fennel tea fulfills the average dose of vitamin B and C, Potassium and antioxidants which are essential for the body and crucial for fat burning.

Licorice tea is the best alternate of sweet, could control the blood sugar and creates a diversion for sweet craving which results in losing weight more appropriately.

Dandelion tea is helpful for metabolism and Siberian ginseng tea is the best option to control high blood pressure and anxiety.


Water is a life savior and an appetite suppressant also. A person ate food to get rid of hunger and to get the feeling of fullness. Water is the great alternate to that feeling and the natural appetite suppressant.

Whenever you feel hunger pangs just simply have a sip or more of water to trick your mind with the feeling of fullness. It will automatically stop food craving and eat food so that you will be able to burn fat and calories. It's the best remedy to lose weight more easily and to avoid bad habit of eating all time.

The temperature of water also affects differently as cold water is more helpful to control thirst, appetite and is more absorb-able than normal water.

drink juice as natural appetite suppressant

Juices are a great source of vitamins, minerals and sweet. A glass of fine juice is a whole combination of food essentials that your body needs to suppress the hunger.

Try the lemon juice and burn fat as well along with taking minerals.

Try a glass of carrot or spinach juice and get the benefits of many vitamins.

Spinach is also a great source of iron which is healthy and perfect for body strength and weight loss.

Along with these juices, soups are also the perfect pack of appetite suppressant. Soups are the real good alternative to the healthy diet. You can have a bowl of soup mixed with either chicken, vegetables or corns anytime, whenever the hunger calls just take a bowl of soup and enriched your body with fiber, protein, and other essentials.

3. Appetite suppressant supplements:

Many people consider supplements over food and beverages while many other ask the same:Whether supplements and pills are the safe appetite suppressant or not? What are their benefits and why they are harmful? Here you go with the answer of the most pinching question...

Supplements as suppressants:

Diet pills and other supplements are the prescribed way of losing weight and suppressing appetite. According to the nutritionists and doctors, supplements or diet pills may help but it's not the ultimate solution.

curb hunger with diet pills

Along with these pills, a person still needs to focus on having diet meal, fulfilling the diet plans and doing exercise. 

There are some actually prescribed appetite suppressants that work according to most doctors and people use to take these drugs commonly: Orlistat, Pelvic, Contrary, Saxena, and Phentermine.

Why and to what extent these drugs are harmful?

Appetite suppressant drugs could be dangerous in many forms. It is a temporary solution for hunger control which is why the results are also temporary. Many people have many problems and illness like high blood pressure, sugar, heart disease, and allergy and more, in that case, if a person goes for taking these pills, it will surely cause a dangerous effect on the health of that person.

These cannot be used in case of breastfeeding and pregnancy also.

Along with these, the diet pills have some other side effects too like insomnia, constipation, anxiety, headache, sweating and thirst which can vary from person to person.

What are the benefits of appetite control drugs?

As it is the fast and far easier tactic to use, it is considered by many people as the beneficial solution towards hunger control and weight loss.

But the benefits of these drugs are not permanent and are not for everyone.

They are only beneficial to some extent for some people who are at the weakest stage of their health and are prescribed by their doctors after the complete examine. But most of the scientists, doctors, and nutritionist use to say no to artificial supplements due to their side effects and gave the advice to use natural suppressant ways. To know more about how to use best natural appetite suppressant you could have a look at this link.

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