Phentermine And Its Most Effective Non Prescription Alternatives

Phentermine alternatives for weight loss

This article discusses the benefits of phentermine and its non prescription alternatives.

There are more than 2.1 billion people who are obese, according to a recent report published in the Lancet medical journal. This means almost one in every three people on the planet is overweight. It’s not surprising that diet pills have become so much in demand, given the extent of weight problems today. And one of those diet pills that have piqued the interest of a lot of people is phentermine.

Phentermine has actually been in existence for many years, having been introduced in the market in 1959 as an appetite suppressant.  The US Food and Drug Administration approved its sale, but as a controlled drug meaning one needs to have a prescription in order to buy it.

Despite the emergence of other weight loss drugs, phentermine has managed to stay relevant. According to IMS Health, it accounts for more than 80 percent of the weight loss market today.

It helps that it is fairly inexpensive, with a price of around $30 for a month-long supply. On the contrary, newer weight loss pills can cost hundreds of dollars a month.

How Phentermine Works

Phentermine essentially fools the brain into thinking that the individual who took it isn’t hungry. Because it suppresses the appetite, the drug can hasten weight loss. The less food a person eats the fewer calories for him/her to burn. It also facilitates burning of stored fat cells, as it tricks the body that there is a need to burn more calories for energy.

However, this is not a magic pill that can make a person lose weight overnight. A person wanting to shed unwanted pounds should still exercise and maintain a healthy diet to achieve his goal.

Phentermine also won’t work for people who are into emotional binge eating. People who eat a lot even though they aren’t hungry may find this drug not useful.

Availability of Phentermine

Phentermine is only available by prescription after the US FDA found that it can cause several side effects.  These side effects include high blood pressure, dry mouth, and rashes. Moreover, it posed high risk of addiction.

In order to get a prescription, an individual should be obese, or have a body mass index of over 30. Doctors also prescribe phentermine to obese people who have been unsuccessful in losing weight despite making lifestyle changes like cutting back on food intake and exercising regularly.

But what if you aren’t able to secure a prescription from a doctor? Do you still have any chance at trying phentermine?

While there are online pharmacies that sell generic phentermine, the problem is that it is illegal to buy or use the weight loss pill.

Yet there are two Phermentine alternatives that you can get without a prescription and without getting into legal troubles —Phen375 and PhenQ.

Phen 375

Phen 375 is a non-prescription Phermentine that mimics the action of the popular weight loss drug on the body. It helps suppress appetite, stimulate the body’s metabolism so that it can burn more fats, and increase energy levels.

It is manufactured and sold by RDK Global, which is also into the production of other top health supplements such as weight loss teas.

Aside from mimicking the action of Phermentine in the body, Phen 375 has less severe side effects. Most of the side effects are stimulant-related, mainly caused by the presence of caffeine in the supplement.

Speaking of ingredients, there are other substances found in this non-prescription pill that contribute to its weight loss properties. Caffeine, of course, is essential in boosting energy and mood. It can also help in suppressing appetite.

L-capsaicin, on the other hand, boosts thermogenesis in the body, enabling it to burn more stored fat. The amino acid L-carnitine, meanwhile, converts stored fat in the body to energy.

Another ingredient is sympathomimetic amine, which boosts metabolism and enables the body to burn off fats. Longifolia also increases the rate of fat burn.

Aside from being potent in promoting weight loss, Phen 375 is also relatively affordable. You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to benefit from it. A month-long supply of Phen 375 won’t set you back more than $100.

Since it comes in pill form, Phen 375 is easy to take. You simply pop a pill twice a day.  However, taking it in the evening is discouraged because it may cause difficulty in sleeping due to the presence of caffeine.

Results may vary, but weight loss would range from three to five pounds a week on the average. Read my full Phen375 review here.

PhenQ weight loss pillsPhen Q

Another Phentermine non-prescription alternative is Phen Q. Like Phen 375, it is available in tablet form. It is manufactured by Bauer Nutrition, a company that also produces various health supplements such as green coffee bean extracts, acai berry products, and African mango products.

The action of Phen Q is almost the same as Phen 375. It reduces hunger, burns stored fat, boosts energy, and enhances mood.

Phen Q, however, has ingredients different from those of Phen 375. Its main ingredient is the patented formula a-Lacys Reset, which is composed of two substances—alpha lipoic acid and cysteine. Studies indicate that these two substances optimize metabolism and supresses appetite.

Aside from the said ingredient, the product also has other substances like psimax power that promote metabolism and fat burning; calcium carbonate which can deter the body from storing fats, and chromium picolinate which can minimize cravings.

Like Phen 375, Phen Q is very reasonably priced. It is also easy to take. You would need to take one Phen Q tablet daily.

What’s even more interesting about Phen Q is that online sellers usually back it with a 60-day money back guarantee. You can have your money back in case you aren’t impressed with Phen Q. To get more in depth information read my PhenQ review here.

Indeed, the battle against the bulge can be a bit easier when you take these Phentermine prescription alternatives. Look for online sellers of Phen 375 or Phen Q and order a month-long supply. You’ll be surprised at the effects of these Phentermine alternatives on your body.


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