The best exercise to lose weight – Is your favourite on the list?

best exercise to lose weight

Before getting to know about the best exercise to lose weight, and before taking you to the most effective tools for weight loss, let us tell you in the first place why is working out important. You must know that few things are essential in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and to stay at a safe distance from diseases, and exercise is one of those few essential things.

Many of us pick exercise only as a drill in order to lose weight, while it has a number of benefits that mark on our whole lives.

The physical exercises and activities that boost our metabolism effect our mental health immensely, since the brain is the central part of the body and is the head office that governs the good the efficient working of every other organ of the body. So exercising, in turn, affects the whole body positively.

Secondly, when you work out good, you feel relaxed and the body gets tired, resulting in a better and sound sleep.

Thirdly, the metabolism of the body increases with exercising and this, in turn, enhances the immunity system of the body. So you get attacked by diseases less and enjoy your health even better.

This way, your workout routine affects your whole lifestyle and makes you feel healthier and younger. This brings us to an important rule that whether you wish to lose weight or not, exercise should be a must in your life.

Another important thing needs your attention before you start your weight loss journey. If you wish to lose weight and you think that working out for several hours is just enough, then you are wrong. You must understand that there are a number of other factors that affect the weight loss process.

A number of newbies happily join the weight loss workout plan for beginners but lose hope soon as they don’t see results soon.

best workouts to lose weight

First and the foremost thing in this matter is your diet. Your eating habits affect your weight gain and weight loss a lot. Whenever you start the exercise routine to get in shape, you need to devise a specific diet plan that will help you maintain good health and not to store fats.

Other than your eating habits, your other lifestyle habits affect the weight loss a lot. The way you stress out hugely affects your weight gain and the sleeping patterns also affect your weight loss.

Other than all these factors, your health issues also affect the weight loss journey. For example, if you are having some issues with your thyroid, you cannot lose weight easily no matter how much your workout and how much you control your diet.

Still, the exceptions always exist with every case. The conclusion of all this discussion is that the weight loss process is not the same for everyone. It varies from individual to individual.

Rules to follow on starting the weight loss workout plan for men:

Nothing in the world is gained without effort, so the weight loss to does not come free. For the food lover, weight loss plans become hard to follow because they have to cut off their favorite foods from their daily intake menu, while for the couch potatoes; drill becomes a really tough job.

In short, everyone gets to give in something to gain a fully toned and taut body. However, here we have gathered the rules for the effective weight loss in men that will aid the weight loss immensely and thus will give better result in a shorter period of time.

The set of these golden rules is as follows:

1. Body fuel choices need to be made wisely:

Remember whatever you eat will become either fat or fuel for your body, so choose wisely and make your choices based on fat burning foods.

Body fuel for balanced weight

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2. Put all the effort into the workout:

​Holly Rilinger, a Nike master trainer says, "Decide when you walk through that door you are going to give it 100 percent the entire time and check in throughout your workout with one simple question: Can I give more?"

3. Pick that workout routine that you actually enjoy:

Instead of killing yourself on a trainer while you are taking it as a burden, you can never lose weight. Choose the exercise that you can follow for a long time without getting bored.

4. Consistency is the key:

If you wish to lose weight in actual figures, you need to stay consistent but take rest too.

5. Rest is best to get reset:

Holly Rilinger suggests that taking rest is very important to get fresh for the next workout. Here is what she has to say on the matter, "And keep in mind that rest is key to reset mentally, physically, and emotionally, so make sure to build in at least one full rest day."

So if you follow the above golden rules throughout your weight loss journey, you would easily be getting well in shape in no time.

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Let’s get to know the best exercise to lose weight:

Now that you have understood the theory behind weight loss and you are determined to follow those golden rules along with your weight loss regime, let us take you to the exercise that proves best for men for rapid weight loss.

Men are blessed naturally when it comes to weight loss practice as they have the capability to burn fat much easier compared to the women; therefore little effort with workouts can bring you noticeable and remarkable results in a very short period of time.

1. Interval training for rapid fat burning:

Whenever we talk about weight loss in men, the interval training comes to be the fastest weight loss exercise and has proved to be the best and most favorite one for all.

You might ask what interval training is? The interval training is such a type of workout in which your heart beat rises to a high point immediately and then it comes back to rest immediately too. This leaves a very short interval between both the heart beat rates, thus causing a higher metabolic breakdown and making you burn fat rapidly.

Check the video bellow for a better understanding...

2. Lift some weights to challenge your muscles:

Interval training is good for weight loss and to build up a good stamina but in order to burn some more fats and to get the extra strength you need to lift up those muscles and say hello to the masculine body.

Start with lifting very little weights, no matter how convenient it feels on your muscles. The best way to practice with weight lifting is by gradually and regularly adding weights every day. So start with the number 5 and start increasing the weights after the regular interval in a periodic fashion. This will build a great stamina and muscle and will make you feel even stronger.

3. Mash up the routines together:

Another very effective weight loss program is the mixing and mashing of the two exercises discussed above. You can add an interval to the weight lifting and add challenge to your workout regime. This way you will enjoy the workout and will burn even faster.

People who love to do body building make their muscles by following these strict routines. Combining different styles keep you motivated to go further.

You'll perform exercises, some more cardio-focused and others strength-focused, full-out for short bursts of time, coupled with short periods of rest

Adam Rosante
Certified Personal Trainer

4. Boxing:

weight loss workout plan for men

Surprised are you? Well, it may sound unusual but you must know that boxing is a very effective sport when it comes to getting a toned body.

Boxing is considered to be one of the advanced level fat burning workout routines since you need a lot of stamina for this workout. Boxing is told to be just another form of the interval training where you raise your heart beat to a very high level in one interval and drop it down to the next.

5. Running:

When your search for the best fat burning exercises for men, it takes you to running. You find yourself truly amazed if you are a happily outgoing fellow and love to stroll outdoors.

But this won’t be as easy as running in a random park with earphones plugged in your ears, well you have to do some serious effort if you wish to lose weight actually. You have to go to some hill where you can sprint up and down again and again to burn more calories and to reduce some fat.

However, if you are not an outdoors lover or you couldn't find some hill nearby, you could work on the treadmill in its uphill motion. This would be the perfect alternate. "Running up hills forces you to work your abs and legs—two of your body's biggest muscle groups—even more, which requires smaller muscle recruitment and more energy expenditure" explains Rosante.

6. Swimming:

Swimming is the coolest excuse for all those who do not have the courage to run for hours or to box away from their fats.

Swimming is pretty easier and could be done at home easily. Doing a few laps around your pool will help you use the energy to work up all the muscles of your body and hence burn fat.

Rosante says, “You can burn over 750 calories in an hour of swimming and you'll work all of your major muscle groups. Tread water for as long as possible by standing upright in the deep end and using your arms and legs to stay afloat. Then rest for two minutes. Now swim 10 sets of 100 meters (that's back-and-forth lap in an Olympic-sized pool), resting for one minute in between sets. By the time you climb out of the pool, your muscles will be pleasantly worn out.”

So swimming does look like an easy alternative to all those hardcore exercise routines.

7. Jumping the Rope:

best exercise to lose fat

If you want to give a traditional feel to your exercise routine and really want a simple and easy to go with the solution to your weight loss problem, say hello to those old school days jumping rope.

Jumping for a specific period of time each day can help you burn a lot of calories since jumping races your heart up and gets you on the track in no time. Once you get used to swinging the rope around, it becomes easier and enjoyable to jump the rope.

There are a number of advantages of workout with the rope over the other exercise routines. You can take your jumping rope anywhere you go and you can literally use the rope to jump where ever you are. Either you are in your room, or in some hotel room, if you have the rope with you, you can jump away from all those stubborn fats of your body.

Like all the exercises discussed before, the rope jumping is advantageous as it too targets all the parts of the body, thus toning it fully and gives results quite quickly. And remember never to skip your rope barefoot as it could cause some serious harm.

"Few things compare to the pain of missing a skip and smacking the tip of your toe with a jump rope," says Rosante.

We wish you all the best of luck to start with your weight loss journey, continue it with consistency, end it up with realistic and desired results and later on continue to work out throughout your life.

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