Top Reasons You Should Start Drinking Green Tea For Weight Loss

​Tea has earned itself the rank of the second-most drank beverage in the world, after water! Green tea, which has emerged as the most popular type of tea, consists of nutrients that can be instrumental in burning body fat. Green tea is full of antioxidants and substances which are beneficial to health. Let’s find out how you can effectively use green tea for weight loss and maximize your weight loss results.

taking green tea for weight loss

Green Tea Consists of Substances Proven to Aid Fat Loss:

If you’re wondering, “Does green tea burn fat,” you’d be happy to know that green tea isn’t just about being hot flavored water. Rather, it consists of various bioactive substances that dissolve in hot water and make the final drink.

So, whenever you consume a cup of good quality green tea, you’re actually putting lots of beneficial substances (with solid biological effects) into your body.

One of these substances is caffeine. A regular cup of green tea contains a comparatively lesser amount of caffeine (24 mg to 40 mg) than a cup of coffee (100 mg of 200 mg).

Nevertheless, it’s good enough to deliver a mild effect. Everyone knows about the stimulating effect of caffeine, and how it can be instrumental in energy boost (during exercises) and fat burning.

However, the area where green tea outshines its competition is its massive amounts and variety of antioxidants. It’s loaded with many potent antioxidants known as catechins.

EGCG or Epigallocatechin Gallate is the most important of these catechins; it’s a substance that can significantly boost your BMR (basal metabolic rate).

However, please note that you can benefit from green tea’s benefits, by consuming it both as a beverage or in the form of some green tea supplement (made from green tea extract).

Majority of the studies that have proven fat loss effects of green tea in the past have used green tea extract to arrive at that conclusion.

Green Tea Can Help You Burn Larger Number of Calories:

Our bodies are constantly in a calorie-burning state! We burn calories while sitting, lying down and even sleeping.

This is because the cells in our bodies are constantly performing billions of different functions, using up energy.

Many studies show that regular consumption of green tea can help us burn more amounts of calories, even in a state of rest.

Most studies found this increase to be in the vicinity of 3% to 4%, while some of them witnessed an increase as high as 8%!

green tea help lose weight by burning more calories

So, for a person who normally burns around 2000 calories each day, an additional 3% to 4% calorie burn would mean an additional 60 to 80 calories burnt each day; same as what can be expected from a high protein diet.

While the majority of these studies focused on the short-term (1 to 3 days), some of the evidence revealed that the metabolism-boost can, in fact, last much longer.

One of the studies showed that from a group of 60 overweight people, ones that consumed green tea extract on a regular basis, lost 7.3 lbs or 3.3 kg of weight, burning 183 extra calories each day, over a time period of 3 months.

However, please note, the metabolism-boosting effect of green tea may vary from person to person.

Another excellent way in which green tea can contribute to your weight loss efforts is by working as an appetite suppressant. This would make you consume a lesser number of calories, and create calorie deficiency in your body without putting in any major effort.

Many scientific experts have studied the green tea’s effect on appetite. Several animal studies also suggest that green tea has the potential to reduce fat absorption from the foods.

However, it has been found that green tea’s weight loss effects are mainly due to its fat burning ability. So, it’d be safe to infer that green tea and weight loss indeed go hand in hand!

Green Tea Can Help Break Down and Utilize Fat Contained in Fat Cells:

The fat burning process involves breaking down of the fat cells and then moving them into the bloodstream. Green tea consists of active compounds which can help this process by increasing the impact of fat burning hormones.

The primary antioxidant EGCG contained green tea inhibits the production of an enzyme responsible for the breakdown of norepinephrine hormone. The limited production of this enzyme leads to a corresponding increase in norepinephrine content in the body.

This hormone functions as a signal or instruction from the nervous system to the fat cells, asking them to break down fat. Hence, any increase in norepinephrine levels in the body causes much stronger fat breakdown signals sent to the fat cells, leading to more fat burning.

Both EGCG and caffeine found in green tea cause a synergistic effect, leading to a higher breakdown of fats, and their subsequent release into the bloodstream, making them readily available for the body’s energy needs, especially for the needs of muscle cells.

Look at any popular fat burning supplement or commercial weight loss product and you’re likely to find green tea as one of its important ingredients. The reason is that green tea has been shown to have a fat burning effect on the body time and again. This effect can be even more important if one indulges in regular exercise.

In a scientific study, men who were made to have green tea extract on a regular basis, and exercised regularly burnt 17% more body fat compared to men who weren’t given any green tea. It clarified that green tea does have an important fat burning effect while exercising.

Green Tea Can Aid Burning of Abdominal Fat:

If we talk about the actual weight loss, the effect of green tea may vary from individual to individual. Although many studies indicate that people do lose weight with green tea, the exact amount of weight loss may vary.

green tea burns belly fat

A couple of studies in this regard (Study 1, and Study 2) involved controlled trials and showed that people lost on average around 3 lbs (1.4 kg) of weight.

It should be noted that fats are also of different kinds as well. There is subcutaneous fat lodged under our skin, then there is visceral fat (essentially belly fat) which builds around our organs.

It’s the visceral fat that’s the most worrisome, as it leads to insulin resistance and inflammation, both associated with many serious diseases, including heart disease and type II diabetes.

Many studies focused on green tea  have highlighted that although its weight loss effects may be modest, the fat loss caused by it is mostly of the visceral kind.

Hence, regular consumption of green tea and any fat loss resulting from it can keep you safe from various killer diseases in the long term, potentially increasing your lifespan.

How to Consume Green Tea to Lose Weight and Obtain Better Results:

Every calorie counts when you’re seriously following a weight loss plan. Although green tea’s weight loss benefits may not seem huge on the surface if you’re consuming it mainly to give yourself that extra boost, you wouldn’t want to add any extra calories (through sweeteners like cream, milk or honey) and negate those benefits.

The fact that a cup of unsweetened plain green tea consists of just 2 calories, makes it a very healthy addition to any weight loss diet. You can spike up that calorie figure to 86 calories per cup by adding 1 tablespoon of cream and 1 tablespoon of honey.

Although it may not sound like a lot, it adds up to an extra 172- 258 calories per day if you’re used to drinking at least 2 to 3 cups of green tea each day.

That translates into over 2 pounds of extra weight on your body in around a month’s time, if you continue drinking that amount, without making any changes to your normal meal plan.

Furthermore, you must avoid drinking green tea on an empty stomach, as though you may get the kick-start you need for your day, it may wreak havoc to your stomach’s balance. Drinking green tea immediately after meals isn’t a good idea either, as it can obstruct the absorption of nutrients from the foods.

Want to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss? – The Quantity You Should Have per Day

Research has revealed that the EGCG contained in green tea can increase fat oxidation and metabolism, inhibit the development of fat cells and increase the fat excretion from the body. The trick is getting the right amounts of nutrients through green tea to trigger those effects.

As per the University of Maryland Medical Center, you must drink no more than 2 to 3 cups of green tea per day to get the right amounts of catechins and caffeine required to help you undergo consistent weight loss. Depending on the method you use to brew your green tea, 1 cup of it may consist of around 10 mg to 60 mg of caffeine and 120 mg to 320 mg of catechins. 

Many experts and studies suggest that you should have one cup of green tea per day to stabilize your blood sugar levels, two cups per day to meet your daily energy needs and three cups per day to burn belly fat fast!

Furthermore, green tea would only be beneficial in weight loss if it’s the catechin-rich kind. Just the regular flavored kinds may not be all that beneficial. More on that below!

Which is The Best Green Tea for Weight Loss?

While there are all kinds of green teas that exist in the marketplace, all have one common factor: they are obtained from a plant known as Camellia Sinensis. Although green tea is grown in different parts of the world, they are all derived from the unfermented leaves of the tea plant.

As also mentioned earlier, it is EGCG, a catechin and a polyphenol compound, which is responsible for the weight loss benefit delivered by green tea. As confirmed by the University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea consists of higher amounts of polyphenols compared to other kinds of teas.

Hence, as long as your green tea consists of EGCG and caffeine, you are guaranteed to experience the tea’s weight loss effects.

What about the flavored green teas? Although the green teas’ benefits don’t get lessened by flavoring, for instance, as in case of cranberry green tea, apple green tea, lemon green tea, vanilla green tea, pomegranate green tea etc., you may put in more number of calories into your body if the flavoring is sugar-based.

Furthermore, talking about the different brands of green teas, although they may have been produced from different quality of tea leaves, they’d still be useful as long as they don’t contain any additional, unwanted ingredients.

Whenever you buy green tea, you should understand that even though it delivers plenty of health benefits, it’s not expected to be the biggest source of vitamins. It’s best to go with the brands that make their green tea with no artificial preservatives and use all natural ingredients.


Despite the fact that green tea has mild fat burning and metabolism boosting effects, it must be remembered that every tiny bit can add up to a big figure over a period of time. You can use green tea as an effective supplement with other major weight loss methods like low-carb and high-protein diets.

On the whole, you must know that your sole focus shouldn’t be on green tea for weight loss; rather you should understand that the benefits of green tea go way beyond weight loss. It’s considered a very healthy beverage for many other reasons.

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