Weight Loss Motivation – Top 7 Clever Tips and Tricks for Effective Results

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Weight loss motivation

Weight loss motivation that works

Weight Loss Motivation Tips To Help You Lose Weight Effectively

On top of being a noble goal, losing weight is also necessary in order to keep the body working at an optimal level. However, it is a well-known fact that this is by far one of the hardest things to accomplish on account of numerous hurdles such as difficulty dieting or lack of time for exercise. The most prevalent reason for not being able to lose weight and/or the inability to keep the weight off is the lack of motivation and drive.

Weight loss motivation is just as important as an effective diet or workout regimen, or perhaps even more so because it is what keeps a person working on his/her goal.

If it is motivation you lack, perhaps what you really need is effective weight loss inspiration. As in the case of other goals, it is always better to have something or someone to look up to in order to reach such lofty aspirations. Listed below are clever tips and tricks that are effective and easy to follow for those who are looking to lose weight and maintain their ideal weight.

Go about the Weight Loss Process with a Buddy

It is indeed a lonely road if you decide to lose weight on your own. Keep in mind that while you are restricting your calorie intake and spending hours in the gym, others around you are likely to be going about their normal routine, i.e. eating what they want and avoiding any form of exercise for as long as they can get away with it. Having a weight loss buddy does not only alleviate the anxiety that comes with being alone in the process, but it also gives you someone to complete with.

Keep in mind that the buddy system only works to your advantage if you keep your goals realistic and if you push yourself as hard as possible. For some people, having a weight loss buddy can prove to be counter-intuitive because they end up feeling inadequate compared to their partner (who may have lost more pounds than they did).

Friendly competition is always healthy, especially if your goal is to lose as much weight as possible in the shortest amount of time.

Keep a Weight Loss Journal

A lot of people keep a diary for the sole purpose of keeping track of their daily thoughts. The same tool can be used to keep you motivated to work hard and stay on course with your weight loss plan. A weight loss journal can be as simple as a notebook where you jot down thoughts and ideas, or it can be something more akin to a scrap book.
Some people respond better to images than texts so you can always choose to put photos of yourself (before and after) so you can see just how well you are doing. Conversely, you can also deduce if you need to work harder and put in more energy into working out or cutting back on food consumption.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Weight loss support

While you cannot force all your friends and family to diet and exercise with you, it is always ideal if they provide adequate support and encouragement during the process. Constant negativity can be counterproductive, which is why you should try to avoid people who may have a dissenting opinion on what you are attempting to accomplish. Positive thinking for weight loss is not limited to you, as it also extends to those with whom you spend a lot of time everyday.

Positive influence can be in the form of camaraderie, i.e. your friends/family not eating too much fatty foods or fast food when you are around. They do not necessarily join your weight loss crusade but they do respect your decision enough not yo tempt you with fat/sugar/calorie laden treats.

Remind Yourself Why You Want to Lose Weight

For many, the pressure and anxiety to achieve results can prove to be too much at a certain point. In order to avoid falling off the wagon or end up cheating on your diet, be sure to keep a reminder of the reason/s you want to shed off the extra pounds. Some keep old pairs of jeans from their heaviest days (as in the case of the owner of Subway, the sandwich franchise), while others cut out photos of themselves from high school or college or back when they were slimmer and healthier.

Whether you want to get a better looking body or regain your old physique, it is always good to be reminded of what you are working toward so you do not lose your way.

Develop a Reward System that Works

Just as certain diet plans have weekly cheats and allowances, you should also device a reward system that would allow limited indulgence. It is best to keep in mind that when the body is totally deprived of certain foods, it tends to develop an intense craving that would eventually lead to binge eating. In order to effectively avoid this, be sure to allow yourself certain treats each week, i.e. a slice of cake, a small serving of french fries, and cheese.

These small weekly rewards can be earned through a number of ways, i..e putting in an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill or taking the stairs instead of the elevator while at work. Not only will you reward your palate with decadence, but you also keep your motivation high. Be sure to buy/prepare just the right amount you previously decided on before you started the diet or weight loss plan.

Even diet experts agree that constant deprivation never produces great results, especially in the case of long term weight loss plans.

Allow Yourself to Feel Better

Feel better while losing weight

The process of losing weight is certainly grueling so you will need all the positive feedback you can get. If/when people start to notice the changes in your body, be sure to acknowledge it as opposed to brushing off the compliment. Some people get even more depressed if changes in their body are noticed by others, because it makes them realize how much work they still need to do.

You should give yourself credit if and when it is due so that you can feel good and continue to look forward to working hard.

Set Your Goals High and Expectations Low

Now this can be tricky if you do not have the right mindset. While you want to make sure that you push yourself as hard as humanly possible, nothing good can come out of expecting perfection right away. That is, while your goals should be lofty, you should not expect too much from yourself in order to avoid frustration and self loathing. This can only lead to loss of interest, which would ultimately make you lose out on an excellent opportunity to become a healthier person.

Weight loss inspiration and motivation plays a vital role in the entire process as it sets the tone for the individual and paves the way for gradual but consistent improvement. Allow yourself to dream big but be sure to be ready to work hard for the rewards ahead.

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